RT Convention Giant Book Fair

I live around 3 hours from New Orleans, so when I learned about the RT Convention I was curious. Mostly about the Giant Book Fair where there are HUNDREDS of authors lined up for signings. There are other events during the day, but those were sold out when I decided to go, so I only did the book fair. It was FREE because I showed my library card. Had I forgotten it, it would’ve only been $5. That’s a steal for all of the amazing authors I got to meet!

Anyways, here’s some pictures and stories from my amazing day:

Image My friend Kristin went with me. She’s also a huge book nerd. We had a BLAST. She was more into the adult authors and I was mainly there for YA, but we still had tons of fun.



PC AND KRISTIN CAST!! I love the House of Night books, so I was so excited to meet them. My mom decided she needed a pic with them too since they’re mother/daughter. They were super sweet. I got my copy of Marked signed and randomly had one of my cousins’ books and brought it to get signed too since she couldn’t go. Image


CHARLAINE HARRIS!!!!! I love the Sookie Stackhouse books—side note: I don’t watch or like True Blood, but I love this book series. Her line was obviously NUTS, so they passed out numbered wristbands. I was about to give up waiting for my number when I heard my group and went running. I got my first book in the series signed 🙂


That dang black wristband….so long to wait for my number!




KIARA CASS!!!!!!!!! I’m a HUGE Selection fan, so she’s probably who I was most looking forward to. She signed two of my books, The Selection and The One, because I actually had my copy of The Elite loaned out to someone. They offered to return it for the weekend, but I wanted her to get done and enjoy the book more than I wanted to get it signed. I also got sent with a book from one of my students. She’s going to be SO excited when I give it to her tomorrow 🙂




All in all, this was a BLAST! I wish I’d done the entire day with the parties and things that were after the signing, but it didn’t work out in my favor. Next year’s convention is in Dallas and I’m already planning to visit for the FanDay!