Hilaria Alexander’s This Love excerpt!


My Thoughts:

I know I’ve posted a good bit about this book and that Hilaria is a friend, but…y’all…get it! So so good!

Plus, it’s only $2.99!

I know I shared my review and a summary earlier, but here’s a little excerpt that might help sway your decision that you need Lou and Ella in your life 🙂


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I had never kissed with my eyes open. This was going to be my first time. It took me a couple of seconds to be completely aware of what was happening and realize that I wasn’t imagining his lips pressed on mine. I closed my eyes then, and my lips parted, searching for his tongue. I had wanted this kiss for days, and my tongue wrapped around his a little too fast, too eager.

His hands cradled my face so softly, so gently. My arms circled his neck, and I ran my fingers through his hair. His lips were silky soft, and there was a faint taste of cinnamon on his tongue from the apple tart we just had. His tongue caressed mine over and over until I was breathless. A moan escaped my mouth as he released me and he attacked me again, nibbling at my bottom lip. When he kissed me again and started sucking on my tongue, I was a goner. Heat spread under my skin, coursing through my body, all the way to my fingertips.

He stopped kissing me and released a breath. I found him looking at me with an expression of wonderment in his eyes.

I was glad it was nighttime. The way he was looking at me, had my heart hammering against my chest, and the blood rushing to my cheeks.

Maybe one day I would live to tell Lou Rivers had mad kissing skills. I’d be like one of Elvis’ many flings telling the press—decades later—how great he was. I wondered if I’d get to say we had gone out on dates.

“I’m really sorry about earlier,” he said.

“You should never follow a kiss with an ‘I’m sorry,’” I told him playfully.

“I can’t catch a break with you, can I?” he asked, chuckling.

I shook my head no, but I was smiling at him.

“Are we good?”

I nodded.

“Was it good?” he asked, leaning in, bumping his shoulder against mine.

“Oh my God! What are you, fifteen?” I slapped him playfully on the arm.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he said with a smugness I hadn’t seen before.

“You know, I’m really not too sure it was that good. I can hardly remember it, already,” I teased.

“You already forgot our first kiss?” he jokingly asked, the smile on his face telling me he was enjoying this. Our first kiss. By the way he said it, it sounded like it was going to be followed by many more.

“I might need a refresher,” I answered, looking at him defiantly.

He leaned down and kissed me again. This time, things were different. Our first kiss was slow, gentle, building. As his lips claimed me, he closed the distance between us, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to him. As his tongue kept teasing me and tantalizing me, he placed a hand around my waist, and with the other one behind my head, he dipped me slightly backwards. Show-off. I gripped his shoulders, trying to hold my balance. His body was flushed against mine, and I felt something else as well. Apparently, it didn’t take much for him to get…excited. I liked that I was the one doing that to him. His tongue circled around mine over and over, going deeper. It knocked the breath out of me. This one was an unforgettable kiss. And now I was going to want more; there was no going back.

He stopped, leaving me mid-kiss. A sigh escaped me, and as I opened my eyes, I glanced at him. He was breathing fast, and even in the semi-darkness his eyes looked wilder and even more magnetic than usual. A satisfied, lopsided grin spread on his face.

Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


So I’ve been MIA. Honestly, I read two other books between the last post, but I’m just not feeling posting about one of them. In fact, I finished one of them en route to Atlanta last weekend to go see THE AVETT BROTHERS. Fun fact: Colleen Hoover also went to the show last Friday night, so she knows what a blessing of a set list we received. It was insane. So so good! But, that’s not why I’m here obviously.

On to Ugly Love!

I get excited every time a new Colleen Hoover book is announced. I will admit that I don’t read a lot of adult books, but I was just as excited for this one. Honestly, I don’t think Colleen can write a book that I won’t love. I’ve been sad before when I read her previous books and I’ve been shocked, however I wasn’t prepared for the emotions I was going to get from Miles.

The thing is, Colleen basically tells two stories at once in order to also share about Miles’ past. So we know what is going on before the other characters know. It doesn’t soften the blow at all.  In fact, I think it hardens it because you think “you poor girl… you just don’t know!”

I’m trying to remain spoiler free, so I’ll live summary reactions at that. 🙂


The whole concept is that the couple tries to do the whole friends-with benefits things. Obviously this means we’re going to have some adult content. Again, I don’t typically read that sort of thing, but I was so invested in the story that all of those scenes really didn’t bother me at all. So, if you’re at all sensitive to adult content in your books, do keep in mind that they ARE there, but it IS part of the story and it isn’t nearly as explicit as  some other things. Furthermore, those scenes weren’t as strong as I’d expected in number (those they WERE great in quality 😉 ), and for that I was glad. Yeah, I’m an adult, but I don’t necessarily want tons of sex scenes in my books….because I want an actual story. Colleen does that though—she still gives us a STORY. And it’s a beautiful heartbreaking story at that.

Ugly Love drops on Tuesday and, as with all of Colleen’s books, I highly suggest it!

Blog Tour: Gated by Amy Christene Parker

Y’all. If you haven’t read Gated yet then I’m here to ask WHY? I’ve previously reviewed Gated and loved it! The book is a fictional, inside look at a cult and how the members are misled. I’ve only read good reviews and I cannot wait to read Parker’s next book, which I’ve heard is a continuation of Gated. Check it out TODAY on amazon, nook, or your local bookstore.

As an added bonus, I have a special treat for the first person to find my twitter address and tweet me that they want the surprise I have. It isn’t the book–I’m keeping that for my library at school 😛