Currently reading and update!

Before I share, can I just take a second to point out that I just realized that WINTER comes out in TWO WEEKS! My excitement for that book is ridiculous. Get on board and read Cinder ASAP if you haven’t yet!

I’m planning to take Winter with me to read on vacation over Thanksgiving break, but I know that I’ll break down and read it before then. Plus, the cover is beautiful, but that book is a MONSTER in size…I don’t want to get the kindle version for vacation just to turn around and also get the hardcover. :/

Anyways…moving on before I fangirl over the Lunar Chronicles too much…

Currently reading:

This is why I’ve been MIA for the past couple of days:


I know. EVERYONE is reading it. I know.

I had an eARC for months that was online-only and, while I’m thankful for it, my vision didn’t quite agree with reading the wild fonts on a computer screen. So….I waited even after getting about 100 pages in.


If you’ve been on the fence about Illuminae then I will say that it definitely lives up to the hype.

In fact, last night I hit a point in the book that blew me away and I maybe yelled at the book (no, I’m serious!) and then had to take a little mental break from the craziness.

Wanna know what’s sad? The author’s know that spot does this to people! They KNOW:


Granted, I’ve told a few people that I don’t think it’d be their thing, but I’m still telling everyone else that it’s amazing. GET THIS BOOK! Not only that, it’s just a cool looking book. The actual book itself, not the jacket, is set up to look like a folder with notes and markings all over it to stay with the theme.

It’s awesome and I’ve had students come in the library asking me about it when they see it on the desk. It’s just that good!

I should finish Illuminae today and then I’m also reading How to Be Brave which releases NEXT WEEK! I’ll have a blog tour post with a q&a post from the author next Thursday along with a giveaway, so be on the lookout for that!

Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


Book Info:

 February 26, 2013
Publisher: MacMillan
Length: 328 pages

Bono met his wife in high school, Park says.
So did Jerry Lee Lewis, Eleanor answers.
I’m not kidding, he says.
You should be, she says, we’re 16.
What about Romeo and Juliet?
Shallow, confused, then dead.

I love you, Park says.
Wherefore art thou, Eleanor answers.
I’m not kidding, he says.
You should be.

Set over the course of one school year in 1986, this is the story of two star-crossed misfits—smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try. When Eleanor meets Park, you’ll remember your own first love—and just how hard it pulled you under.

My Thoughts:

5/5 stars *****


That summary tells nothing whatsoever about the book. Nothing. It certainly doesn’t tell how extremely painful of a story Eleanor and Park have.

Absolutely heartbreaking, yet heart warming at the same time. Is that even possible? I put off reading Eleanor & Park for awhile, but I finally gave it a shot. I read it off and on during the day and had only made it to maybe page 30 or so. I picked it up around 10pm to read until I fell asleep. I wasn’t able to stop until I finished a little before 1am. Absolutely gorgeous story. E&P was nothing like the other book I’d read from Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl. I’m so glad that I didn’t know much about the story going into it. So good!

I honestly just can’t even process how much this book hurt. The characters and setting just felt so real. Rainbow always has a way of making her characters that believable. That’s what I loved so much when I read Fangirl. This is definitely one of those YA books that just ends up making the rest of the genre look bad because of what it does. I haven’t read either of Rowell’s adult novels yet, but if they’re anything like E&P and Fangirl I know that I’ll love them.