*Review Policy*

At the moment, I’m only accepting review requests from directly from publishers.

I’m most interested in young adult contemporary romance, fantasy, and sci-fi.

I do read some New Adult or Adult, but I’m picky about them.

—This is mostly due to time. I stay busy, so I want to stay focused on books that I’m excited over and that I can offer the most help to.

Publishers- Aside from reviewing here, I always post my reviews to Amazon and Goodreads. I also will be likely to purchase the book for my library if I enjoy it!

However, I will also accept them from independent authors that I have already worked with previously!


Do you have a book that you’re curious about or just want to hear a second opinion? Let me know! I mostly read Fantasy and contemporary romance YA’s, but I’m open to lots of ideas.

I won’t flat out trash a novel, even if it isn’t for me. If I can’t finish it or don’t like it then I either wont post about it or I will suggest who would like it even if it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Tweet suggestions: @melanie_leanne

Email suggestions: melanie.hays23@gmail.com (if you email then use “blog suggestion” in the subject line!”)

Authors/Publishers: I prefer print copies because I do like to make notes, but Kindle/PDF is great too.

One thought on “*Review Policy*

  1. Hi Melanie

    I’m a children’s book author AND illustrator. I recently published “GRANDMA STINKS!”, an irreverent and hilarious take on tolerance and unconditional love.

    I would be SO honored to get your honest review of my book for Amazon, or even your blog!
    It’s an easy read (under 600 words), but very entertaining.

    I can send you a PDF of the book (Amazon did my Kindle conversion, but unfortunately don’t give authors the formatted version), if you would accept it and review it.

    If you are interested in reviewing it, please let me know and I’ll email the complete book PDF right away.

    Thanks a million!
    Mark C. Collins

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