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Is there a rehab for book addicts? If so, please don’t send me there even though I need it!

I’ve been a book lover since before I could even read. When I learned to read, I basically skipped picture books and jumped straight to chapter books. Basically, I’ve always been a reader.

I’m a high school librarian from South Mississippi who wants to share her love for books with others who love to read. I started blogging just as a way to keep up with the books I read for myself, but I’ve quickly found it to be fun to share with others.

I’m also in grad school, so sometimes that cuts into my reading time, but I try to read and post as often as I can!

Find me on twitter: @melanie_leanne

**send me some recommendations!*

2 thoughts on “*Learn More*

  1. I would hate it if they created a book rehab, ohhmmmyygossssssh. LOL. I know if it existed someone would try and take me there and I would kick and scream the whole way. No one’s taking my books away. 🙂

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