Monday Musing: Choosing Books

Happy Monday!

When a student comes in the library and asks for a suggestion, the first thing I ask is “well, what kind of book are you in the mood for?”

It always throws me for a loop when the kid then says “Oh, it doesn’t matter-just whatever is good.” Of course, I then give a few different suggestions of varying types, but it still kills me how they say that it doesn’t matter what type they’re getting.


The cute little TBR selection jars I’ve seen on pinterest and just randomly online? No, thank you.

I have to WANT to read whatever I’m about to read. Granted, that’s probably how I end up with tons of books sitting on my shelves waiting for me, but I can’t just randomly pick out a book and hope it is good.

I have to think “You know, I feel like reading a contemporary…” or a fantasy, romance, whatever.

Am I the only one with this problem? I can’t be.

My kids at work are even more surprised by my mood reading than I am by their nonchalant “oh, as long as its good its whatever.” NOPE.



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