New Release Highlights!

Happy February!

As I’ve already posted a full review of another release from this week (Kasie West’s By Your Side) I thought I’d give a shoutout to two other releases this week. Both of these books have full reviews coming soon (Lost in Scotland on the 3rd and Be My Galentine on the 6th), but I wanted to go ahead and give them some spotlight!



From Girl Squads to Galentine’s Day, female friendships have reached a new level of awesome. Gone are the days of competition and backstabbing (well, mostly)–female empowerment is in and it’s here to stay! This illustrated book aims to highlight the positive nature of friendship between women with a little bit of charm, and a whole lot of sass, and offers fun extras like recipes and themes that can take your girls’ dates to the next level! Celebrate your best friends, your soul sisters, your gal pals, your partners-in-crime with this humorous gift book, and make every day feel like Galentine’s Day! Because let’s face it, fabulous friendships deserve to be celebrated all year round!

My Thoughts:

This book is the PERFECT gift idea! Next week I’ll share my experience in making either a recipe or face mask  from the book to show you how fun it is. Definitely get a copy for your friends!



Just when you think you’re lost, you might end up falling in love. Sam Farouk is having a bad year. Things went down the drain ever since she found her boyfriend cheating on her at the Golden Globes. An unfortunate turn of events forces her to trade sunny Los Angeles with the rainy, chilly highlands of Scotland. She has the chance to work as one of the makeup artists on a new TV series based on a fantasy saga everyone is bananas about, but she can’t help feeling lost and a little bit homesick. Until she starts falling for Hugh MacLeod, the actor set to impersonate the titular role of Abarath, dragon slayer and part-time Casanova. Hugh MacLeod is ready for his big break. After more than a decade taking every possible acting job just to stay afloat, he can finally show his range in a series to be proud of. Hugh’s commitment to his career comes before anything else, and that’s part of the reason why he hasn’t had a serious relationship in a while. But the more he’s around Sam, the more he knows he’s in deep, deep trouble. How is he supposed not to fall for the sexy, mysterious brunette who works all over him every single day? Every touch, every look is torture. Getting lost in each other might be wrong, but it could end up being just what they need.

My Thoughts:

I’m going to be 100% real with y’all and say that self-published books, especially romance books, are extremely hit or miss with me.

That said, I loved Lost in Scotland and can’t recommend it enough. I read it on the plane to and from vacation in December and hated to put it down when I had to.

More on Lost in Scotland coming at you on Friday (Feb 3).



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