Audiobook review: F U Cancer

Book Info:

Title: FU Cancer

Author: Hilaria Alexander

Narrator: Elizabeth Klett

Length: 10 hrs and 44 mins

Release Date: Nov 24, 2016


Lucy has always been a good girl. The most hardcore thing she’s done in her life was falling for a divorced man 10 years her senior.

But he was the love of her life, and she married him. When her Peter Pan of a husband decided to divorce her, she thought it was her chance to start anew. That was until she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Besides looking like Britney circa 2007, she is taking it well, real well. You might see her walk around the hospital during chemo sessions with bright colored wigs and outrageous t-shirts that seem to shock the most conservative employees. One of them reads FU CANCER.

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Author Info:

Hello! I’m the author of Prude, This Love and FU Cancer.  I was born and raised in Italy but now I live in Oklahoma City with my husband and kids. I love traveling and I’m a self-proclaimed concert addict. If you have questions about me or my books, ask me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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My Thoughts:

I loved F U Cancer when I read it almost a year ago and was excited to be able to try out the audio book.

I should start by saying that I’m very picky about audiobooks. I don’t have the longest attention span and have to have a good narrator for an audiobook to keep my attention.

That said the audio has an excellent narrator that kept my attention. The story is excellent and if you’d been curious when I reviewed the book, but prefer audio format, then NOW is the time to read FU Cancer. You’ll cry, laugh, and think, but mostly I think that you’ll enjoy it!

Go check it out and let me know what you think!



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