Music Fridays…The Wild Feathers

I enjoyed sharing about The Avett Brothers recently, so I’m back with another music suggestion that you may or may not have heard from.

This week’s suggestion is The Wild Feathers!


I got hooked on Wild Feathers back in the spring when Lonely is a Lifetime was released and I got curious about some friends talking about them. I looked them up and was quickly sold on them.

Honestly there isn’t a song on this album or their first album that I don’t love.

They’re different, fun, and can be enjoyed by a wide variety of music fans.

Additionally, they are currently on tour with Band of Horses- which is huge in my opinion. I’ll get to see them with BoH in Jackson, MS on September 28. I bought my ticket ( a dang good one at that!) in early July as soon as the concert was announced. I don’t have any friends who were interested in seeing BoH, so I bought a ticket to go by myself. I was SO iffy on this decision, but just a few weeks later Wild Feathers were announced as the opener and I no longer questioned my idea to go to the concert alone. (Spoiler- I’m way more excited to see them than I am to see BoH)

GO HERE (<— click) for a video performing one of the tracks from this album to check them out and see what they’re all about…so go! Let me know what you think 🙂



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