Monday Musings: True Sadness track-by-track


Happy Independence Day!

I know, I know… I said I’d do this Friday…but…it didn’t happen.

It’s no secret that I’m a big Avett Brothers fan and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this album. Most of the songs have been in rotation at live shows for awhile, but there’s something about having a version to play anytime…especially if it’s really different.

So without further delay, here a quick track-by-track review…

“Aint No Man”

This song has been getting tons of airplay recently and deserves it! When it first started getting played at shows, I thought it was good, but I knew it was going to be huge when I heard the studio version.

It’s fun…it’s summer…it’s Avett.


“are we pretending or is this the real you and me?”

I hadn’t heard “Mama” before the album release and I’m kind of glad that I hadn’t. This is a typical Avett track to me, but still shows growth because I LOVE the string arrangements in it! Beautiful lyrics and storytelling!

“No Hard Feelings”

I cried the first time I listened to this one…it hits me every time to be honest.

“when my body won’t hold me anymore and it finally sets me free…will I be ready?”

The lyrics in this one…good lord. I’m hoping and praying that I’ll get this one at my next show even though I know that I’ll cry. It’ll be like the first time I got “november blue” live all over again.


This may actually be my favorite track on the album.

“…loved ones will break your heart with or without you…turns out we don’t get to know everything.”

It’s upbeat and catchy, but yet the lyrics…man, the lyrics.

Also…again with the awesome string arrangements!!

“You are Mine”

Not going to lie…I’m still waiting for this one to grow on me.

I like it lyrically, but I just wish there was something else to it musically.

I’m thinking that it may click for me if and when I see them perform it. That’s usually when happens with songs of theres that I didn’t previously “get.”

“Satan Pulls the Strings”

I love this song.

This is SO incredibly different from the live version thanks to an added beat, but I like it and it’s perfect for blasting with the windows down on back roads!

That said, there is absolutely NOTHING on this earth like this song live.


“True Sadness”

Don’t let the name fool you.

True Sadness is upbeat, but it also has a good message.

Look beneath the surface!

Also…this song makes me more thankful for Tania because it’s easier to harmonize when there’s a female in the mix. Thanks, lady!

“I Wish I Was”

New goal…this is the song that I want a man to learn to play and sing to me.

Or dance to…I could settle for that.

So sweet and romantic!

Take notes, men!

“Fisher Road to Hollywood”

“Regret for every step I took on Fisher road to Hollywood…”

This has the gorgeous brother harmonies that I love.

There’s nothing better than sibling harmonies in music!

“Victims of Life”

Fun fun fun!

More than that…the lyrics are great!

“If you’re rich you hunger for money. If you’re broke you hunger for bread. If you’re wild you bound to die young. If you live in fear you’re already dead.”

It’s almost so fun and catchy that it’s possible to miss the clever lyrics that are happening.

“Divorce Separation Blues”

There aren’t enough honest divorce songs in the world.

I’ve never been married, let alone divorced, but you can feel that this is raw and honest.

Plus…yodeling. I never thought I’d enjoy yodeling, but it’s great and perfect in the song.

“May It Last”

This is hard to explain, but it’s easily one of my favorite Avett songs ever.

It has a Beatles and Pink Floyd vibe that is crazily different for them.

If I didn’t know it was them then I would’ve been surprised, but…man. It’s just so good. Not everyone has liked it from what I’ve seen, but it’s such a stretch of talent in my book.

Now…if you haven’t listened to True Sadness…what are you still doing here?

Go get a copy or stream it on Spotify…something!

Get some good, new music in your life!



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