Long Overdue…

Summer has been crazy, y’all.

Too crazy.

I’m here to catch up just a little starting with my road trip to Wizard World Philadelphia!

I’ve gone to Wizard World the past three years in New Orleans, which is just right down the road about 2 hours, but Philadelphia is a good 16 hour or so drive.

But….I like road trips.

I also really like Tom Hiddleston. A friend and I said a couple years ago that if he ever did a convention in the COUNTRY that we’d be there….so…..we had to.

Here’s a little of what all went down.


I got into watching (okay, obsessed with…) Arrow early this year, so I was ecstatic to see Stephen Amell. I actually even got nervous before going to this photo op and that’s not something that happens to me when I meet celebs. He is SO nice though! He was funny and when I told him that I needed a hug for our picture he asked how the hug was after…it couldn’t have been better. Afterwards, when I was talking to help and getting an autograph, we discussed our snapchat addictions…really fun guy. Meet him if you like Arrow and get the chance to.20160604_175842-2

I love Hayley Attwell! She and Dominic Cooper were so great during their Agent Carter Q&A20160602_160040

I found some turtle friends! I like ninja turtles, but this was the day I met Stephen Amell, so I had to take this. 20160604_131207

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are gorgeous. I wasn’t prepared.


THIS GUY. I love Sean Patrick Flanery! I’d met him last year in Jackson, but I’d never seen Boondock Saints (despite my crazy love for Norman Reedus). I watched it sometime last fall and loved the movie…and subsequently the rest of Sean’s work.

AND…he has a book that came out a couple months ago—Jane Two. I picked it up that weekend and got him to sign it and, y’all…it’s SO different, but I love it! Definitely check it out.

Plus, Sean is just a cool guy. We had a long chat about his time in Jackson last year and he said he was glad to hear a southern accent in Pennsylvania.


Can we just…I can’t.

He’s SO nice. This man worked SO hard at this con and kept trying to take as few breaks as possible to keep things moving along. I could go on and on about him, but I was NOT disappointed. (maybe a tad disappointed in the whole Taylor Swift thing…but that’s another story lol)

Overall…this was a fun vacation! I can’t wait for my next convention and I’m hopefully about to have a bit of a slower summer so that I can update some more, but things have been crazy. I’m in a play that I’m excited for and I’m about to go on another trip in two weeks to Tennessee.

I love summer, but sometimes it is just as wild as the school year!

In order to get myself to post more…coming up FRIDAY I’m planning to share a track by track review of the Avett Brothers’ True Sadness that released last week. I love those guys so much and that album is phenomenal!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!



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