Blog Tour: Hippopotamister by John Patrick Green



The zoo isn’t what it used to be. It’s run-down and falling apart. Hippo hardly ever gets any visitors. So he decides to set off for the outside with his friend Red Panda. To make it in the human world, Hippo will have to become a Hippopotamister: he’ll have to act like a human, get a job, and wear a hat as a disguise. He’s a good employee, whether he’s a construction worker, a hair stylist, or a sous chef. But what he really needs is a job where he can be himself.

Hippopotamister RGB

My Thoughts:

I was SO excited to be offered Hippopotamister!

It is adorable and teaches SUCH a good lesson to readers to be yourself.

The artwork is adorable, and the book is actually longer than I anticipated, so it would be great to ease your younger readers into reading “bigger” books because I know that kids sometimes get intimidated by size even though they may be perfectly capable of reading beyond picture books.

Further still, this is a wonderful introduction to graphic novels! It would make for a fun lesson in a classroom on how to read graphic novels while still teaching a wonderful character ed lesson.

Beyond character education, teachers and librarians (or parents!) can use Hippo and Red Panda’s adventures to teach about different animals and jobs.

There are so many things that this book could be used for in different lesson, but overall…it is FUN!

Hippopotamister released Tuesday, so go pick up a copy now for a child that you know- they will love it!




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