Going into the weekend…a belated update!

Happy Friday!

I realized that I never updated about the Children’s Book Festival that I attended two weeks ago!

I don’t want to give a full-blown report, but I wanted to share a few quick pictures and some stories about the week.

So without further delay…


This was my fourth year to attend the festival and I always anticipate it more and more every year!


I’m a geek and was ecstatic about having badge ribbons just because they’re fun.

Completely unrelated to the book festival, but- my pants? Lularoe. If you like leggings at all: splurge a bit and buy some lularoe leggings. They’re awesome!


Waiting in line for lunch one day! I love these three ladies! The lady in the gold and the one to my left are librarians in the county I live in (though not the one I work in) and the other lady used to be in our county as well. The one to my left is basically my mentor, Tracey, as has taught me everything I know about being a good (I hope!) librarian! Always a fun time with this crew!


I love graphic novels! I have a crazy short attention span, so they’re always perfect for when I want to read, but can’t focus. Anyways, I’m a fan of George O’Connor’s Olympians series and he was SO FUN! He also refuses to take a serious picture. I have two and this was closer to serious than the other.

Fun story: I was waiting in Rita Williams Garcia’s signing line the next day and they were actually at the same table. We were all LOVING how much time he spent with a 9 year old kid whose mom brought him to the festival. He apologized to the line for taking so long afterwards and we all assured him that it was absolutely okay. It is always great to see an author be excited about meeting with fans.

In fact, when I met him he said the Hera GN was his favorite in the series. I had to tell him about one of my students picking up my copy, reading it, putting it down and just bluntly saying, “well. Hera was a bad ass bitch.” We both cracked up over it and my student enjoyed knowing that he liked her reaction to it.

Next year’s festival will feature Kate Dicamillo and I’m excited to meet her because The Tale of Despereaux and Because of Winn Dixie are two of my favorite books!

There are a few other artists and authors listed already, but she’s who I’m most ready for.

I’m actually anticipating a few bookish events next year, so it should be a fun year for books!



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