Monday Musings: National Library Week

Happy Monday!

Okay, let’s be real- Monday’s suck.


BUT! This is National Library Week, so I’m partially biased towards trying to make this a fun week either way it goes.

As a high school librarian, there isn’t much that I love more than promoting libraries and reading!

Plus, Gene Luen Yang is the honorary chair that’s to his spot as children’s lit ambassador. I love him! I saw him at last year’s children’s book festival here in MS and he’s awesome and GREAT advocate to have representing reaching out to our young readers!

Whitley over at Reading With a Vengeance has a good NLW theme going this week that you should all go check out with different ideas for the week and got me thinking more about how I could participate in the week.

***AND she has a giveaway going on for it, so go give her a visit!***

She intended for the daily topics to be on Twitter, and I’ll tweet about them too, but be on the lookout for a post tomorrow about MY library! I think I’ve shared a couple pictures before, but nothing much. I’m in such a beautiful library that I’ve been trying to spruce up this year. It’s an old building, so it needs a little TLC, but it is beautiful nonetheless!

Also coming this week will be updates from the Children’s Book Festival that I attended last week. I got to see and meet some amazing authors that I’m excited to brag about, plus show off a couple books that I got.

There’s tons going on and I can’t wait to share more!

So let’s get national library week started off right!



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