Monday Musing: Fairytales and Retellings

Happy February 29!

I always think Leap years are neat for some reason. I get the point of them, but understanding the way the sun and earth rotations work almost feels…magical. So what better thing to talk about than fairytales!

There have been fairytale retellings for YEARS, but lately there seems to be an influx in the number of them. I can only assume that the popularity decided more were needed in the world. Either way, I love this trend

I especially love series like The Lunar Chronicles and A Court of Thorns and Roses that take their story in a completely  different direction, yet still give you a hint about the original story.

Even better- lately there have been different stories getting the retelling treatment. Books such as The Wrath and the Dawn and The Forbidden Wish have provided readers with takes on Thousand and One Nights and Aladdin. Those stories are known, but they’re not remade quite as often as say Cinderella or Snow White (i.e. ALL THE TIME).

Regardless on your feelings on fairytales, it seems as though there is a take on them available for any type of reader!

What recent fairytale retelling is your favorite?



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