Monday Musings: Novellas and Short Stories

Unpopular opinion time…

I’m not big on releasing novellas and short stories for books.

First of all, I shouldn’t have to read something extra to get the “whole” story. It should all be in the actual book.


I don’t mind if they’re side stories (See: The recently released Stars Above companion to the Lunar Chronicles).

That way means that it can be read entirely separate from the other books and that’s okay.

I also don’t like when these side stories are digital release only. There is a huge market of readers who don’t read digitally for whatever reason. I think this is especially a problem for teen readers who do not have access to the money to order online even if they DO have an ereader.

What IS okay? I love when those stories are combined into one book (see: the Dorothy Must Die books). Those stories might be necessary to the work as a whole, but they still get released in hard format even if it takes multiple volumes.

Personally, I have the capacity to buy short stories however I want, so I shouldn’t have a problem with it since it doesn’t outright effect me, BUT I have students ask about the associated short stories to different books all the time and it is difficult to explain to them that they are digital only. My students have a tough time hearing “sorry, you have to buy it if you want to read that one.” That doesn’t work well for teens.

So…overall, what do YOU think of short stories or novellas?

Let me know!



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