5th Wave Movie Review

Movie Time!

Remember that books to movie post from Monday?

That was leading up to this!

First of all, okay…I admit it. I didn’t finish the book before I saw the movie.

Even worse, I think I made it to page 40 or so?

In my defense, I tried to start it the day before I saw the movie. It was never going to happen. I wasn’t going to finish!

With all that said, I went to see it last Friday with some family and friends on opening night.

The first thing is that I was surprised by how NOT crowded my 7pm showing was. I don’t know what movie was getting everyone else, but mine just wasn’t that crowded. That’s strange for this particular theater!

Nevertheless, the movie started and I was instantly intrigued. A friend was between me and my cousin who hadn’t yet read ANY of the book (she also plans to eventually), but my cousin was almost done when we saw it.

I enjoyed the movie. The action scenes were stressful and looked great, but I especially loved the story and acting. I was surprised by Chloe Grace Moretz because I hadn’t seen her in anything besides If I Stay. That’s not exactly an action movie, you know.

Anyways, I will also say that I was able to predict what was going on. It was still great, but predictable. This didn’t really hurt how I felt about the movie because I think I would’ve thought the same things reading the book as far as being able to guess what was happening.

Even still, it was a great movie! I can’t wait to finish the book and read the second one. I hope that we will get the other books made into films as well!

Did you see it? If so, what did you think?



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