Wizard World NOLA

Comicon wrap-up!

This was my 3rd year to attend Wizard World comicon in New Orleans. Normally, I purchase a VIP pass for the celebrity I’m most excited for, but I didn’t do that this year and instead went the casual route.

This year’s lineup included most of the main Captain America: Civil War cast, including the Russo brothers. That’s where the biggest excitement was for most of the con.

I was initially going because of Karen Gillan from Doctor Who, but she had to cancel at the last minute due to Visa issues that left her stranded in London the day before the con.

Nevertheless, I had a great time! The Captain America panel was first thing Saturday and they let in the CA and individual CA cast members in before the rest of the con go-ers, so we arrived to get in the general admission line for the panel by 8:30.

Now, there was a vip for having a subscription to the con tv app that got you onto the con floor early, but we were under the impression that it wouldn’t have anything to do with the panel. Guess what we got told in line? “If you have a con tv wrist band then you may move over to the VIP line instead of GA.” We’d never moved so quickly and then ended up with great seats for the CA panel.

At the panel, Anthony Mackie, who plays Falcon, completely won me over. He was hilarious! So I told my sister that I thought I needed to get a picture with him on Sunday. I wasn’t going to get photos with any of the celebs after Karen was unable to make it, so he¬†was the only celeb I ended up getting a photo with.

Anyways, here’s some pictures from the weekend, so you can see what it’s all about if you’ve never been to one.


Hot Topic, y’all! Word of warning. I’m a size 10 and that’s an XL. It’s made SUPER small!20160109_103851

Captain America panel20160109_123951

I LOVE Deadpool! There’s always lots of Deadpools at con!20160110_113938

Sunday I went as Black Widow and my friend Maggie went as Rose Tyler20160110_115933

Black Widow had to borrow the TARDIS for official Avenger business.20160110_181432

Always fun when an Avenger addresses you with “Hey, what’s up Widow!?” I was cracking up laughing at him as it was taken. Such a fun guy!Snapchat-1717309956435037824

More CA panel!Snapchat-3334347513392520729

Before the CA panel…I was stoked. Actually right when Chris Evans came out and I was excited because I’d been telling my sister and our friend that I hoped Evans had a beard. (I have a thing for beards. Don’t judge me.)Snapchat-3837418304971813240

My sister went Sunday as Agent Carter because she was getting a pic with Haley Atwell.

This year’s con was such a blast. Still a tiny bit bummed that Karen Gillan couldn’t make it, but I totally understand and still had fun.

Black Widow might be my new favorite cosplay just because it was SO easy with that jacket!

Have a great Tuesday and I want to hear your con stories if you’ve ever been to one!