Monday Musings: Surprisingly good!

Have you ever read a book outside of your normal style and ended up like this:


That’s me getting sucked in by awesome.

…or maybe it got you like this?


My point here is that I absolutely LOVE when I go into a book that is outside of something that I would typically read and, yet, I end up completely addicted to the story.

In fact, my favorite thing is when I go into a book blindly (shout out to Wrath and the Dawn back in June!) and then end up shouting the book’s praises even though “I wouldn’t normally read something like this.”

At one point in my life, I would have been all in when it came to Fantasy, but that’s not necessarily the case these days, so I’m always surprised when a story pulls me in and won’t let me go. Those tend to be my favorite reads because I can’t even explain what my addiction is. (in the case of Fantasy- I’m a sucker for a well structured world. If your world building is on point then you’ve GOT ME!)

Either way, this is me when I finish some books outside of my normal style or just one that completely blew away my expectations.


What’s the last book that you read that completely took you by surprise?



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