Dear Santa!

Merry Christmas Eve!

With Christmas approaching TOMORROW, I thought that I’d share my top most wished for books. I try hard NOT to buy books for myself because I have so many already, but I’ve really been eyeing these.


Okay, so this one is NOT a surprise by any means, I’m sure. I was given a Barnes and Noble gift card last week and will most likely be using it to buy this. The artwork is BEAUTIFUL and I’ve longingly flipped through it SO many times since it was released.


I’ve heard amazing things about Mosquitoland AND it is set in Mississippi! There aren’t many releases set here unless it is an older title or one dealing with civil rights, so I’m always excited to find one.


A friend told me about Me Before You probably close to a year ago and I’ve been wanting to read it ever since. The movie is due out next year, so I’m hoping to get it soon and read it before then!


So, again, I say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Those are my top 3 most wished for books, but I’m of course open to any bookish gifts! I hope everyone has a great holiday filled with great memories!



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