Book Haul!

I’ve got so many new books this week that I either bought or got in from the publishers, so I wanted to share some exciting finds.


Y’aaaaallll!!! Parnassus in Nashville had SIGNED copies of Dumplin’!!!

I was a little sad when the person checking me out didn’t know that this wasn’t Julie’s first book though. Side Effects May Vary is SO GOOD!



Do I have it on Kindle? Yep, but the UK cover is pretty, so I had to have it.

HOWEVER, I also have a signed copy coming that I won in one of Colleen’s giveaways!



Okay technically a friend picked these up for me, but I loved Statistical Probability, so I can’t wait to read these!



The folks at St. Martin’s Press and Griffin are TOO GOOD to me! I’m excited to read these two!


I honestly have no idea about this one. It came directly from the author, but I can’t see where I won it anywhere OR requested it, so…thank you just the same even though I’m confused by it! Also, this book came with some really fun swag—a guitar pick? Too fun!


Wrap up:

So those are what I ended up with this week! Thanks to the publishers and author for sending them and I’m ready to dive into fun, new stuff!



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