Audiobook review: Why Not Me?


My Thoughts:

First- did I finish any of the books I intended to read this week?


Then again, I’m also still trying to finish Winter (halfway done!). However, I had Why Not Me on my phone from the library and it was due to go back this weekend, so I listened to it on my drive home.

I absolutely adore Mindy. I’m a big fan of The Office and I love The Mindy Project, so it’s no surprise that I enjoyed her first book. This one was a  bit different though.

The first book was a bit more straightforward and this one is all over the place. Granted, it IS labeled as a collection of essays, but it’s still very ADD at times. I think it might have made a bit more sense in paper form when I knew a whole other topic was on the way. In fact, a time or two, I even checked to make sure that I didn’t somehow have the book on shuffle and it was playing out of order.

With that said, it is still funny and very much “Mindy,” but it just has a few snags. I adored the section where she speaks about BJ Novak and their friendship and liked that BJ stepped in the narrate a portion there.

However, there was a section where she’d concocted an alternate reality that got boring and annoying to me. I think it would’ve been fine on paper, but it just didn’t work in the audio format.

In all, I would still suggest the book to fans of Mindy, but I’d maybe stick to good, old-fashioned paper or ebook and not get the audio version.



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