Illuminae excitement!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Now on the the fingerling…

A month later and I’m still basically obsessed with Illuminae. 

In fact, I think I’m still in that “WTF did I just read?? That was AWESOME!” thought process.

It IS that awesome though.

But anyways, I’m here for two things…


Imagine my excitement when one of my kids at work comes in with, “hey I want to show you a picture of this book I found at Walmart and you tell me what you think about it”…..and the book was Illuminae.

She was beyond happy to learn that I plan to order it for the library in a couple months. I wish I could’ve got it this semester, but I ordered too far in advance to even attempt it. I did order a few things that weren’t released at the time, but they came out within a week or two of ordering.




It is extremely long range, but when I read it I thought, “whoa. I don’t know how it would work, but I need to SEE this played out.” Now that is hopefully going to be a reality!

Go HERE for more information on the movie plans.

*calms back down*

well, that’s all of my follow-up Illuminae excitement! Now, it’s back to vacation for me. I’m enjoying not having to wake up to an alarm at 5 AM!



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