Library Updates!


As a librarian, I get excited about the main part of my job- putting books in the hands of teenagers! Imagine my surprise when a kid told me, “oh, you’re not like our old librarians.” and when I asked why “because you’re giving suggestions- our old ones just waited for us to pick a book and never told us what we’d like.” They were even MORE surprised when I caught on and started giving PERSONAL suggestions when I saw a book and thought to tell them, “hey, I think YOU would like this.” —-Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that what we’re SUPPOSED to do? 

With that said, my kids have been SO excited for me to get new books in. Their previous two librarians relied only on sales reps and rarely knew much about the books they were buying or if the kids would like them. That breaks my heart! My students knew that I ordered books that either I’d read OR that I knew of and thought they would like (normally with specific students in mind!)


So now my library looks like this right now as I sort through a new order (with another order on the way!):

20151117_08080620151117_080800New things on these racks in the open for quick locating!20151117_080813I have non-fiction spread out on this and another table until I decide how I want to display them…20151117_080818


In total, I had 80 books (both fiction and non-fiction) come in on this order.

Several books already had kids waiting on them (Cinder, The Selection, We Were Liars, Throne of Glass, 5th Wave…) and I’m so excited to see my students be excited about reading!

I’ll have another post coming this weekend highlighting the SECOND order of library books this week.  It has been crazy having two orders come in the same week, but I love it!



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