Reading on the Road!

A week from yesterday, I will head out after work to go spend my 4th Thanksgiving Break in one of my favorite cities on Earth- Nashville, TN!

Normally my family meets up with my mom’s side of the family for this trip and spends the week there. This time we’re all going to different places, so it was going to just be me and my mom going to meet up with her family. However, back in the Spring, a friend told me about a travel bucket list and Nashville was towards the top of places to go. We already had several things planned for Summer, so we couldn’t go then, but I was determined to go and play tour guide- even after 4+ trips, I still have places that I haven’t been.

We decided that we’d just go for the Thanksgiving trip! (Heeeyyy, no hotel cost for us! Smart planning!)

Anyways, we’re both book worms (I dragged her to RT convention back in May and thus into my “book world” as she calls it) and planned to hit up some bookstores while in Nashville the week after next, so without further wait…

Parnassus Books:

We’re both determined to go to Parnassus. I LOVE indie bookstores- they’re so important! I actually went there on my Thanksgiving trip last year, but it’s such a fun store that I can’t pass it up.

Plus, DOGS STAY IN THE STORE! I may be a cat person, but I got curious when I saw signs about watching not to let the dogs out or that you could ask to give them treats…so I asked….and there was a dog “home” that day.

FB_IMG_1447445701338 (1)

 That cute little guy’s name is Opie! He was sweet and it was fun to get to pet and love on a dog while also book shopping! Really- you can’t go wrong with a dog hanging out in your store, especially with such nice staff and a great selection.

Book Man/Woman

The next store is one that I’ve never been too, nor do I know much about, but it’s across from Pancake Pantry, so I’m always curious as I’m eating there….but we always go to Pancake Pantry before they’re open.

So I don’t know much about it, but I do know they have new and used books, so I’m excited to go look around and find some new treasures!

So! Those are two book-ish spots I’m excited to hit up while I’m out of town! I hope that everyone supports their local indie bookshops- I even try to support those who aren’t local!


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