Update time!

So I’m getting sporadic with my reading again.

In fact, Goodreads currently says that I’m reading, I think, 5 books. I’m only actively reading 3 of them. I hate reading more than two books at a time! Things get confusing and I feel like I’m abandoning the other books when I do that. It’s a weird thing though- I get in moods for a certain style of book and that’s how I end up with so many. I think most people end up reading more than one thing at some point.

However…I finally started THIS lovely book and am loving it!


I’m reading it online (Thanks, Randomhouse via Edeilweiss!) and it’s a bit of a struggle due to font sizing, but I still enjoy it. I can’t wait for a print copy. I’ll have a review when I finish, but so far…whoa. It’s really different and doesn’t feel like I’m reading 600 pages at all! I cannot WAIT to purchase this for my library- my students will love it!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of one of my other current reads,  Vivian Apple at the End of the World. I’m about halfway done with it right now and also love it!

Hope you’re reading something that you love!


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