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Book Summary:

 September 23, 2014
From the #1 New York Times bestselling author Scott Westerfeld comes a smart, thought-provoking novel-within-a-novel that you won’t be able to put down.Darcy Patel has put college on hold to publish her teen novel, Afterworlds. With a contract in hand, she arrives in New York City with no apartment, no friends, and all the wrong clothes. But lucky for Darcy, she’s taken under the wings of other seasoned and fledgling writers who help her navigate the city and the world of writing and publishing. Over the course of a year, Darcy finishes her book, faces critique, and falls in love.

Woven into Darcy’s personal story is her novel, Afterworlds, a suspenseful thriller about a teen who slips into the “Afterworld” to survive a terrorist attack. The Afterworld is a place between the living and the dead, and where many unsolved—and terrifying—stories need to be reconciled. Like Darcy, Lizzie too falls in love…until a new threat resurfaces, and her special gifts may not be enough to protect those she cares about most.

My Thoughts:

I haven’t read this yet, but I was SO excited to find it in my mailbox a week ago. I’m looking forward to it as I love the Uglies series. This book is huge though—right at 600 pages. Hoping it’ll be a good one!

Review: Landline by Rainbow Rowell



From New York Times bestselling author of Eleanor & Park and Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell, comes a hilarious, heart-wrenching take on love, marriage, and magic phones.


Georgie McCool knows her marriage is in trouble. That it’s been in trouble for a long time. She still loves her husband, Neal, and Neal still loves her, deeply—but that almost seems beside the point now.
Maybe that was always beside the point.
Two days before they’re supposed to visit Neal’s family in Omaha for Christmas, Georgie tells Neal that she can’t go. She’s a TV writer, and something’s come up on her show; she has to stay in Los Angeles. She knows that Neal will be upset with her—Neal is always a little upset with Georgie—but she doesn’t expect to him to pack up the kids and go without her.
When her husband and the kids leave for the airport, Georgie wonders if she’s finally done it. If she’s ruined everything.
That night, Georgie discovers a way to communicate with Neal in the past. It’s not time travel, not exactly, but she feels like she’s been given an opportunity to fix her marriage before it starts. . . .
Is that what she’s supposed to do?
Or would Georgie and Neal be better off if their marriage never happened?


My Thoughts:

I’m a huge fan of Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl and Eleanor & Park. HUGE. That said, I was pumped for her new book- especially with it being an adult novel. However, I just wasn’t nearly as thrilled over Landline as I was the two previous books I’ve read.

Maybe it was just the vibe being different? I don’t know.

I liked it enough once I finally got into it, but at times I found myself skimming parts. I think I even would have liked it more if I had just casually picked it up, but I was crazily excited for this book…and then it was just kind of a let down for my excitement level. I still recommend it- but don’t go in with high hopes if you’re already a Rainbow Rowell fan. It is nothing like her other books at all.

Still—cute and a good ending even though it was predictable.


Currently Reading: Kiss of Deception by Mary Pearson


Book Summary:

 July 8, 2014
Publisher: Macmillan
Length: 497 pages
Format: e-arc from netgalley

In a society steeped in tradition, Princess Lia’s life follows a preordained course. As First Daughter, she is expected to have the revered gift of sight—but she doesn’t—and she knows her parents are perpetrating a sham when they arrange her marriage to secure an alliance with a neighboring kingdom—to a prince she has never met.

On the morning of her wedding, Lia flees to a distant village. She settles into a new life, hopeful when two mysterious and handsome strangers arrive—and unaware that one is the jilted prince and the other an assassin sent to kill her. Deception abounds, and Lia finds herself on the brink of unlocking perilous secrets—even as she finds herself falling in love.

The Kiss of Deception is the first book in Mary E. Pearson’s Remnant Chronicles.

My Thoughts:

Kiss of Deception released today!

Initially I thought the book was starting out kind of slow. I quickly realized that this was just from the need to set up the world and back story in the book.

I couldn’t put it down though, the idea of a runaway princess is pretty much right up my alley.

The story quickly picked up and, while I’m not yet done, (don’t judge me…it’s a long book!) I am already suggesting that you should read it.

Lia isn’t just a spoiled princess who is running away just because she doesn’t get her way. Plus, everything that happens once she gets away is a great twist.

I will say, it took a second to adjust to the fact that she swaps around from three different point of views, but I think it was necessary to get the full story and gist of what was going on.

I began reading knowing that there was a crazy amount of positive hype surrounding the book, but I don’t think I knew what I was getting into. This is so great so far and I can’t wait to finish as I hear that the ending is completely unexpected.

Check and it out and let me know what you think!


Review: Unforgotten by Jessica Brody


Book Summary:

 February 25, 2014
Some memories are better left forgotten.

 After a daring escape from the Diotech scientists who created her, Seraphina and Zen believe they are finally safe from the horrors of her past. But new threats await them at every turn as Zen falls prey to a mysterious illness and Sera’s extraordinary abilities make it more and more difficult to stay hidden. Meanwhile, Diotech has developed a dangerous new weapon designed to apprehend Sera. A weapon that even Sera will be powerless to stop. Her only hope of saving Zen’s life and defeating the company that made her is a secret buried deep within her mind. A secret that Diotech will kill to protect. And it won’t stay forgotten for long. Packed with mystery, suspense, and romance, Unforgotten is the riveting second installment of Jessica Brody’s Unremembered trilogy, and delivers more heart-pounding action as loyalties are tested, love becomes a weapon, and no one’s memories are safe.

My Thoughts:

3.5/5 ****

I got Unforgotten about 3 weeks after it released at a signing on the Girls Gone SciFi tour. I’d bought the first book, UnRemembered just a week or so prior on kindle as a daily deal. I normally HATE to have my series in different formats, but I can’t pass up daily deals when it is a book I’ve had in mind.

Anyways…unforgotten picks up not long after Unremembered and we’re filled in on what happened between the two. Sera and Zen are now hiding on in 1609 liked they originally planned. However, things can’t stay easy, of course.

For me, I just liked Unremembered way more. There were definitely exciting parts in this book, but it just wasn’t as nonstop as in the first one. I did love getting to see Cody again! He was a big highlight of book 1, so it was great to see him again. Zen being sick mean that he wasn’t present for most of the book and it was also the focus mission.

Honestly, I’m ready for book 3, but I don’t know where it is going. That may be a good thing, but this one left such a huge cliffhanger that anything could really happen. I’m anxious to see what the plan is for Sera in the next installment- I just hope that it is more high energy like the first book was.


Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


Book Info:

 February 26, 2013
Publisher: MacMillan
Length: 328 pages

Bono met his wife in high school, Park says.
So did Jerry Lee Lewis, Eleanor answers.
I’m not kidding, he says.
You should be, she says, we’re 16.
What about Romeo and Juliet?
Shallow, confused, then dead.

I love you, Park says.
Wherefore art thou, Eleanor answers.
I’m not kidding, he says.
You should be.

Set over the course of one school year in 1986, this is the story of two star-crossed misfits—smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try. When Eleanor meets Park, you’ll remember your own first love—and just how hard it pulled you under.

My Thoughts:

5/5 stars *****


That summary tells nothing whatsoever about the book. Nothing. It certainly doesn’t tell how extremely painful of a story Eleanor and Park have.

Absolutely heartbreaking, yet heart warming at the same time. Is that even possible? I put off reading Eleanor & Park for awhile, but I finally gave it a shot. I read it off and on during the day and had only made it to maybe page 30 or so. I picked it up around 10pm to read until I fell asleep. I wasn’t able to stop until I finished a little before 1am. Absolutely gorgeous story. E&P was nothing like the other book I’d read from Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl. I’m so glad that I didn’t know much about the story going into it. So good!

I honestly just can’t even process how much this book hurt. The characters and setting just felt so real. Rainbow always has a way of making her characters that believable. That’s what I loved so much when I read Fangirl. This is definitely one of those YA books that just ends up making the rest of the genre look bad because of what it does. I haven’t read either of Rowell’s adult novels yet, but if they’re anything like E&P and Fangirl I know that I’ll love them.


Review: Pretties by Scott Westerfield



Book Summary:

Original releast date: November 11, 2008
In Tally’s world, your 16th birthday brings an operation that turns you from a repellant Ugly into a stunningly attractive Pretty, and catapults you into a high-tech paradise where your only job is having a really good time. Just before her birthday, Tally discovered that turning Pretty comes with a terrible price. She vowed to accept the operation, but with the understanding that her friends on the outside would rescue her, and let her be the guinea pig for the experimental and highly dangerous cure they’re developing.

But in the second book of the Uglies series, Tally’s Pretty. And everything’s changed. The new, Pretty Tally is totally happy right where she is. She doesn’t think she needs any kind of cure at all. When someone from her Ugly life shows up with a message, Tally has a hard time listening. Did she really promise to give all this up? Is she bound by a promise she made when she was a different person? If there is anything left of the old Tally, how will she fight her way out to keep her word and help her friends?

My Thoughts:


I remember when the Uglies series first began releasing when I was in high school. The shortened summary I saw in advertisements didn’t seem appealing. In fact, all I gathered was “a future where everyone receives and operation to become pretty and flawless.” That sounded boring to me. Not only that, but I never paid the series any attention. (apparently a friend tried to get me to read the series in college, but I don’t remember…maybe I’d already decided not to read it?) Regardless….back of the book summaries are apparently important. Anything I read about Uglies made me not think it sounded good and I was wrong.

That said, Pretties was a great addition to the world that was set up in Uglies. It basically picks up right where we left off in the first book, or rather,  not long after. Tally and another manage to find the cure from the first book and the rest of the book is what ensues after that. There was never a dull moment, but I did get tired of the “pretty” language. I understand why it was there. It was just annoying with everything being “pretty making,” “bubbly,” and “bogus,” among other terms.

Either way, it was a great book and I’m ready to read more. I only wish I had read them earlier!