Review: In the End


My Thoughts: 4.5/5

I didn’t want to share the summary for fear that someone may not have read the first book, In the After and would get spoilers. That said, I think I may have already posted the summary awhile back as a Mindset Monday post.


This was an excellent finale to In the After! I was glad to see Amy’s growth and determination in getting done what she needed to. Plus, I loved the addition of Jacks. He was such a great character that I forgot about Rice for awhile. In the End added a huge depth to the story that was set up in the first book and I was excited that it grew and expanded as far as the beginnings of the Florae. When we left Amy in the last book, she was alone and going to find Fort Black and Kay’s brother Ken. Her journey inside Fort Black was never boring and always had new excitement luring just around the corner.

I highly suggest reading In the After if you haven’t already and then reading this one. Great duo! I’m on board for whatever Demitria writes in the future for sure.



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