The Fault in Our Stars movie review

Unpopular opinion—I didn’t GET the hype over the book.

I say that as a John Green fan and someone who even has a history of loving overly sad books.

I liked the book, but I thought the hype level was just way too high for what it was.

I did, however, love the outlook that the characters have on their situations.

That said….

The movie was perfection. I was a mess watching it. I think the difference may have been that it was visible? Maybe I temporarily didn’t have a soul when I read it? No idea. I just know that the movie was what a book-to-movie adaptation should be. The casting is on point. Every important scene was there. The actors ARE the characters and pour the emotion into it that the story requires. I can’t really even say much about the movie without just going into fangirl mode because of how much I loved it.

I’d also like to add how much it killed the box office. It was made for around 12 million dollars. The movie then turned around and made 58 million on opening weekend. That means they made back close to double what they put into it in ONE weekend. Hollywood keeps making fantasy and dystopian YA books into movies with crazy budgets and then getting disappointed when they don’t deliver. Maybe they should consider more normal, everyday YA stories. I’m hoping between this and the upcoming movie of If I Stay that Hollywood will GET that and more books will stand a chance to see the light of day as a movie.

Anyways, just my two cents…go see it and support YA 🙂



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