Book Review: Faith by Laurie Lyons


Book Summary:

 March 25, 2014
In the third and final installment of THE FEATHER TRILOGY, Lucy finds herself all alone. Nathaniel, Roman, and Anastasia are most likely in the clutches of the powerful Demon, Malachi, and it is all Lucy’s fault. She is determined to save them, no matter the cost. Enlisting the help of friend Gavin, the pair embark on a harrowing, cross continent journey. Relying on Lucy’s memory, Gavin’s charm, and help from some unlikely sources, the hunt is on. But what they find at the other end of this expedition is beyond their wildest nightmares. Lucy has no idea how much she will have to risk to save them all. 
FAITH takes the reader on a powerful journey ending, exactly one year after it all started, at a battle of the ages where the fate of human kind will be decided. Filled with exhilarating moments, romance, humor, and heartbreak, FAITH is the perfect ending to Lucy and Nathaniel’s love story.

My Thoughts:

First and foremost, y’all probably thought that I fell off the planet. Nope, I’m still reading away. I get swamped with having a full time job that requires an hour’s drive. Not only that, but some afternoons I honestly come in and go to bed before 8 just because I’m so exhausted. Being a school librarian isn’t really that hard, but getting up and driving an hour to be at work by 7:20 is exhausting. Anywho, I have an update today and I’ll have another on Monday, so there’s that at least 🙂

It should be noted how much I love this series. I read the first two last year sometime as a read 4 review in a group on GoodReads. I wasn’t expecting that much, but I instantly got HOOKED. The second book’s ending was such a massive cliffhanger that I have been needing the last book and asking the author about it since I finished book 2. When I finally got notice that the book was out I was in the middle of a couple things and it had to wait.

It almost killed me to wait. 

Faith picks up exactly where the last book ended and the action instantly started. I had to wonder if Laurie meant for the character of Gavin to be such an integral part when she originally started on him. I also can’t help but wonder if she had the ending set from the get-go or if it was one of those surprised-the-author things.

Furthermore, I’ve always been intrigued by the use of religion in these books. Yes, we’re discussing angels and demons, so it is to be expected, but Laurie has some pretty profound lines regarding beliefs that I absolutely love. HOWEVER, it is not to where it would be crazily overwhelming to someone who is not interested in the topic.

In all, book 1 still remains my favorite in the series, but this was a great conclusion. I was in awe of where the story went. I honestly thought that saving everyone was going to be the point (FYI, Lucy is not coward!). I loved learning more of Nathaniel’s background in this one. But…that ending. Y’all. THAT ENDING. Great series!

I highly recommend all of the books. They’re only 3.99 a piece on kindle all the time!



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