Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

My review:

I figure that I don’t have to post a summary/cover since I’ve already done that for the “currently reading” post.

Anywho, I adored Cather and Levi! I’m a lover of realistic fiction, but I hate when it isn’t actually realistic. Cath felt like she could’ve just as easily been me. Her college experience was completely relatable and true to how many students go through college emotions and life.

Some of the sections of her fanfic or Simon Snow were a bit long, but it did not take anything away if I skipped those parts. However, the fanfic was important to Cath’s character, so it was nice to have.

I enjoyed seeing the growth between Cath and Wren. As well as through Cath, Raegan, and Levi. The character development in this book was absolutely on point! None of that instant bff or love nonsense we see too often these days.

In whole, this was my first book to read from Rainbow Rowell, but it will not be my last!


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