SA Bodeen’s The Fallout

I loved The Compound.

I sat completely content for about 4 or 5 hours read it straight through.

I immediately wanted to read its companion, The Fallout, but I let other books come first.

I’ll honestly say that I didn’t know what expect from The Fallout after the ending to The Compound. It really COULD have stood on its own, but Bodeen decided to grace us with a “here’s what happened next.” I enjoyed getting to see how the family adjusted to their life outside of the compound- especially the reconnecting of Eddy and Eli. The ending was a tiny bit predictable, but that is not a complaint because it is sort of what I was hoping would happen. (One thing did throw me for a loop though!)

My ONLY complaint is that I now want another “what happens next.” At the very least, I want a novella or something. Is it too much to ask? The Compound got me so invested in these characters that I genuinely do what to know what happens to them! I’m not nearly as connected to most book characters as I am to these. It was just too interesting for me not to know.

That said, Ms. Bodeen—I’m waiting. 🙂


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