This week has been crazy since my school starts back on Monday. As a first time librarian, I have a ton on my plate right now! Luckily, I have a good friend who is a librarian that has been giving me plenty of tips and tricks. I also had lots of help yesterday from a book rep I met in April via said librarian friend. These first couple weeks will be a learning experience!

However, I’m here to share some new ideas that I’ll be using when the kids come to the library! First off: I’ll have a “book of the week” and give a book talk on the book as well as show a book trailer if it is available. That will carry over to this page! I’m hoping to do those posts every Wednesday.

Next–I will continue to do reviews, but they may not be new books as frequently. I’m planning to read and review books in my library that I haven’t already read so that I can use them as a “BotW” for the kids. I’ll try to keep these as current as possible. I won’t bore you with reviewing books I have that you read years ago.

Third–I’ll probably share some lesson ideas. Sorry if no one likes this idea. It’ll be fun stuff–I promise!

Fourth–Stay with me if I get bogged down. This is my first year teaching and it is in a area I didn’t go to school for. That said–I’m pumped to be a librarian!!