Book Review: Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick

I’m going to be extremely lazy and not post a picture and synopsis…mostly because I did that on my last post.

My Review: 5/5

I absolutely adored Gorgeous! I got it on Netgalley awhile back and let it sit on my Kindle for awhile. I wish that I’d read it sooner. I didn’t know where Gorgeous was heading in the beginning. Becky Randle’s overweight mother died and Becky called a phone number that she found in a ring box. It turned out to be a famous designer that promised to turn her into the most beautiful woman in the world. However, there was a catch that she had to get married in a year to remain that way.

First of all, I’m a sucker for fairy tale type stories. Gorgeous was like Cinderella meets The Prince and Me (one of my all time favorite movies. I enjoyed Becky as she was a realistic character. She was never quite sure of herself–even as Rebecca, she still doubted if she was ever good enough. Rocher was an amazing best friend character. In fact, she reminded me of a redneck version of Lily in Princess Diaries, so I guess we could throw that in the mix for comparisons.

My favorite part of the book though? The visuals. I could vividly imagine the castle or the clothes that Tom designed for Rebecca. The author did a great job of describing things to the reader so that we’d know what was going on.

While this is YA in nature, I wouldn’t recommend Gorgeous to younger teens due to some strong language. Sadly, profanity is the norm in YA lit these days, but I still wouldn’t suggest that a younger teen read such language. It is best for an older teen or mid-20’s age like myself.

Be prepared for a fun, modern fairy tale if you pick up Gorgeous. It is hilarious and heartbreaking all in the same book! Get it here:



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