Book Review: The Man Who Was Poe



This heart-stopping historical mystery from plot-master Avi will reach the wide audience it deserves with its fresh and compelling new cover treatment!

The night Edmund’s twin sister, Sis, goes missing, the streets of nineteenth-century Providence, Rhode Island, are filled with menacing shadows. As Edmund frantically searches the city, he tries to make sense of what happened: He only left Sis alone long enough to buy bread. How did she vanish in the mere minutes he was gone?

Just as Edmund is about to lose hope of finding her, a stranger appears out of the mist and offers to help. But the man is gloomy and full of secrets. He seems to need Edmund to carry out plans of his own. Can Edmund trust him? And if he doesn’t take the chance, how will he ever find his sister?

Re-release date: June 25, 2013

Age Range: 8+

Length: 224 Pages

Publisher: Scholastic

My review: 3.5/5

I love Avi. This was a re-release, so I’m not sure how I’d previously missed this book in my younger days. I was immediately pulled in to the story. The kids’ aunt went missing and Edmund decided to go find food for him and his sister. Only…when he returned his sister was missing…but the door was still locked. He then meets a mysterious man that we later learn is Poe. From there the story takes us on a fast paced, twisty journey.

I enjoyed The Man Who Was Poe and quickly read it one night when I could not sleep. While it IS written for a younger crowd, this 24 year old was sucked into the story to the point of no return.I do recommend that the reader must be somewhat familiar with Avi to understand this story. Most of his work is dark, while it IS for children. I saw several mixed review alluding to that and couldn’t help but wonder if the previous reviewers had ever read anything else from Avi.


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