Review: All Change Please by Danielle West

Short and sweet review:


I got this book awhile back from Book Hub reviews. I kind of chose it on a whim because the cover is cute. Yeah, I’m one of “those” people: “Oooo, pretty!” That said, this is an enjoyable book to briefly escape the world. It isn’t entirely drawn out and deep, so you don’t have to think or get to invested, but it is still a good read. Three young friends look over their lives after the death of their friend. Are they wasting their lives or enjoying them? This is a very realistic concept that Ms. West decided to dive into. We’ve all been in the place of these ladies: a boring life, a bad relationship, a poor family life. We can all relate to at least one of the girls in some way. The humor was even spot-on, nothing too forced. Overall, I think what mostly struck me was, again, this was completely relevant and true to today’s lives and friendships.

These girls need another friend– Can I volunteer?


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