Book review: Losing Hope


Remember last weekend when I was reading both Cinder and Bright Young Things? Yeah, those got thrown to the side when I found out that Losing Hope, the upcoming companion to Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless, was up on Netgalley.

My Review:

Normally I would post a brief synopsis, but this book is different. I was originally wary of Losing Hope for two reasons.

#1: Let’s be honest: Could ANYTHING top Hopeless? Hopeless was nothing like I expected and broke my heart in every way possible. I loved Holder, but, come on. There was no topping it. —Or, was there?

#2: I’d never read a retelling from another character’s point of view. Was I basically going to just read the same story over again?

Both of those doubts were thrown out the window.

Losing Hope is just as heartbreaking and beautiful because the reader gets to see into Holder’s thoughts, past, and motives. We learn about his confrontation with Grayson and Les’ death–another thing he blames himself for. We see his internal conflict of whether or not to tell Sky who she is. The entire thing blew me away. It was just as good and it definitely wasn’t the same book over again. In fact, I was still on-edge even though I really knew what was going to happen in the end.

THAT is how you write a good story, folks. Keep the reader hooked even when he or she knows the outcome.


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