Weekend Read: Gated by Amy Christine Parker

I noticed Gated on NetGalley recently and thought that it sounded interesting. It is about a girl growing up in a cult that is told that they were chosen to survive the upcoming apocalypse. I’d never read anything like this book and didn’t know what to expect since this is Parker’s debut. I am always excited about new authors and this book did not let me down!

I’m not going into a full on review because A. The book doesn’t come out for another 2 months and B. I’m saving that for its blog tour that I’m a part of…or at least until closer to the release. All I’m saying is, mark your calendar NOW for August 6 because this book is great!

Now, my next read, that I’ve semi-started already is Invisible by Marni Bates. I won an early copy on GoodReads, but I also got it on NetGalley because I’m just that addicted to my kindle. I’ve never read anything from Bates, yet this book seems right up my YA loving alley! I’m looking forward to this one and I’m hoping I can maybe snag an interview or something to go along with it since it is a new release. I have to finish the book first though, of course.

Back to reading!


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