Gates by Laurie Lyons

I got this as an early release from a group I’m in on GoodReads so that I could review it. Earlier this week I posted a review for Feather, the first book in the series. I absolutely loved Feather and have told many people about it in the few days since I read it. GATES IS EVEN BETTER! Thursday I was off work and managed to read Gates in one sitting. That is actually hard to do with my attention span, but I did it. One again, Lucy and Nathanial find themselves in trouble that threatens their lives and ability to stay together. However, this time they also require the help of the demon, Rowan. This book seemed more exciting than the last because there was a bigger conflict aside from the fact that Nathanial was an angel who would have to return to heaven, as was the issue in the first book. I don’t want to give any spoilers and that would be easy to do with this book, but it is great and well worth reading! The book was exciting and the ending literally made me scream at my kindle- so be prepared for a ride! I got the copy a month in advance, but I’m already dying for book three because it ends with a great lead-in for the next book.

Gates releases on May 24, so be sure to check it and the first book, Feather, out ASAP! I cannot recommend these enough!


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