Dirt by KF Ridley

Back of the Book Summary:

“Up until now, my life has been simple, uncomplicated, but because of what I am, everything is about to change. In fact, things are about to get deadly.Faeries are real and they want my blood. To make matters worse, I’m falling for one of them.In a mythical and magical world, I’m about to discover the secrets of my past and the truths of my existence. At least, that is, if I can.”


My review:

       I bought Dirt after meeting and speaking to the author about it at local book festival/conference. I know that all of us with ereaders love the free independent books that are out there, but let’s be honest, you never really know what to expect from independently published books. I decided to give this one a try because the concept intrigued me as a fan of YA Fantasy books. I was pleasantly surprised by Dirt! Most of what I read would be classified as YA Fantasy and many of the books run together because of their similarities–especially when it comes to the magical worlds the authors create. Dirt is a welcomed exception to the YA Fantasy norms. Ashe, the main character in the novel, is a girl starting her first year of college and quickly learns that she is half human and half faery. The magical world her deceased mother comes from, Durt, (I promise that isn’t a typo!) depends on Ashe to save them or else the hunt for her will destroy the world because her blood would give immortality and complete power over their world. The Durt world is quite different from the magic worlds I’ve previously read about. It is different enough that I can easily separate it from other books of its genre. I have a hard time sticking with a book that starts out slow, but Dirt starts out exciting and held my attention until the very last page. I bought a paperback copy and ended up reading it on my kindle so that I could go ahead and loan the paperback to one of my cousins. She quickly finished and called me seconds later raving about how much she loved the book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes YA Fantasy and cannot wait for the next book in the series. Be honest, y’all know every YA book is a series these days and this one is no exception. You had to have expected more books after the ending—you’ll see what I mean when you read it! 🙂

I’d give Dirt a 4/5, which is basically a 5 for most people because I  VERY rarely hand out 5s. You can find Dirt at Amazon in paperback or for kindle. If you have a kindle and still aren’t sure then the book is also available in the kindle lending library if you have amazon prime. 

Now, really, I NEED book two ASAP!




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